Professional pictures are NOT required but you need to be at least 5’8" to apply (if you are below 5'8" your application will be considered for commercial modelling with us).
We need to see NATURAL images where we can see your bone construction.
The images submitted with your application needs to be a FRONT FACING headshot, side profile and full length.
Try to be as RELAXED as possible, DO NOT smile or pout!
Keep your hair NATURAL, make sure it is not in your face.
Please DO NOT wear make-up, sunglasses or hats (accessories in general).
In your side profile, we need to see your jawline, keep your hair out of your face.
Images needs to be in COLOUR and have no effects, filters our re-touching.
DO NOT submit a body shot, if needed we will contact you.
Avoid wearing baggy clothes and try to stand up straight with your shoulders back.